22nd-24th April 2015 Belgrade, Serbia

Igor Šoltes Capital summit

Igor Šoltes | Member of European Parliament

Igor Šoltes

Dr Igor Šoltes graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana in 1991 and further completed the qualified barrister level. In the year 2008, he took a Doctor’s degree; the title of his dissertation was ‘The significance and the role of the Public Procurement system in the functioning of the State’.

In 1997, Dr Šoltes was appointed member of the National Review Commission in charge of delivering rulings on public procurement procedures where he worked primarily in the field of public administration, complaints and procurement law and was its member by 2001. In 2001, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia appointed him Director of the Public Procurement Office. In the year 2003, the Parliament elected Dr Šoltes Commissioner for Access to Public Information. In 2004 the Parliament elected him President of the Court of Audit of the Republic of Slovenia. He completed the mandate in June 2013. Dr Šoltes was elected Member of the European Parliament in May 2014. He is the vice-chair of the CONT Committee and the member of the IMCO and AFET committees.

Dr Šoltes is an active member of the International Public Procurement Network which encompasses all Member States of the European Union, a specialist forum in the area of public procurement policy. In the field of audit he took an active role in several international programmes of strengthening capacities of supreme audit institutions and related bodies. He is the author of numerous articles and publications in the field of audit and public procurement practice.