22nd-24th April 2015 Belgrade, Serbia

Jadranka Joksimović Capital summit

Jadranka Joksimović | Minister for EU integrations of Serbia

Jadranka Joksimović

Born in 1978. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences of Belgrade University in 2002/03 at the Department of International Relations and obtained a Master’s degree from the Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences at ALFA University in Belgrade in 2011/12.

She began her career as an undergraduate assistant at the Faculty of Political Sciences. Joksimović worked in the Serbian Radical Party from 2005 to 2007 as an international relations assistant to Aleksandar Vučić and in the editorial office of the magazine “Velika Srbija”. She is one of the founders of the Serbian Progressive Party in 2008. During 2008 and 2009 she worked in the Serbian Parliament as an associate to the parliamentary group `Forward Serbia` (Napred Srbijo). 

In May 2012 she was elected a Serbian MP from the list of the Serbian Progressive Party, and she acted as chair of the Committee for control of security services in the Serbian Parliament. During her term in office, the control mechanisms of this committee over security services were significantly improved. She was also a member of the European Integrations Committee, Joint Committee for Stabilisation and Association, member of the Permanent Delegation of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, head of the delegation of the Central European Initiative and president of the Group of Friendship with Turkey. In April 2014 she has been appointed as the Minister for EU integrations.