22nd-24th April 2015 Belgrade, Serbia

Jože Torkar Capital summit

Jože Torkar | CEO of Eltec Petrol d.o.o.

Jože Torkar

In terms of formal education, Jože Torkar (born in 1973) is a mechanical engineer and holds both a university degree and a master’s degree in science. His career path began in 1996 in EL-TEC Mulej, d.o.o. in the area of district heating management. In 2000, he took on new responsibilities as the general manager of EL-TEC Mulej, d.o.o. By 2010, the company had become the leading regional provider of energy and environmental solutions with the following core activities: district energy, water distribution systems, effective lighting and energy management for buildings. When Petrol d.d. acquired an ownership stake in EL-TEC Mulej d.o.o. in August 2011, he assumed the position of CEO of Eltec Petrol Group d.o.o.

He is a member of the Board of the Mechanical Engineers’ Section at the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers and a member of the expert council of the Slovene District Energy Association.

Jože Torkar has authored two scientific contributions and more than twenty expert contributions published at conferences and received five awards for innovation and development in the area of effective energy and water use and reducing environmental impact.