22nd-24th April 2015 Belgrade, Serbia

Milan Bandić Capital summit

Milan Bandić | Mayor of Zagreb

Milan Bandić

Milan Bandić graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Zagreb. After serving the army and short work in Ledo company Bandić was employed in Municipal Committee of League of Communists of Croatia in Pešćenica where he worked as professional political worker.

He is a member of the Socialist Democratic Party of Croatia, and after showing demonstrated organizational ability, in 1993 he became the Party Secretary. In 1995 he served as Zagreb City Councilman, and was first elected as the Mayor of Zagreb in 2000.

He is currently serving his fifth term as the Mayor of Zagreb. Some of most well-known projects under Bandić's term include the renovation of Ljubljanska Avenue, construction of model apartment building, construction of handball arena in Zagreb.