22nd-24th April 2015 Belgrade, Serbia

Dr Nevila Xhindi Capital summit

Dr Nevila Xhindi | Deputy Mayor of Tirana

Dr Nevila Xhindi

Dr Nevila Xhindi is Associated Professor and has a PhD in Regional Development and Planning, University of Potsdam, Germany. She also has PhD in Human Geography, University of Tirana, MA in Human Geography and Population Planning, University of Tirana and BSc in Geography, University of Tirana. She is a Fulbright / Humphrey scholar: Professional Graduated studies in Education Policy from The Pennsylvania State University in College of Education, USA.

Dr Xhindi has 20 years of experience in lecturing at Universities; experience working on projects for national and international agencies regarding strategic planning and development. She worked for the Department of Strategies and Donor Coordination for the Government of Albania at the Prime Minister’s Office.

She is the first Jean Monnet Professor in Albania at the European University of Tirana. She is a COST member (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) at the action IS1007 ‘Investigating Cultural Sustainability’, under the Domain ‘Individuals, Societies, Cultures and Health’ (ISCH), and she is in European Experts for the Bologna Process. She has published many scientific articles in the well-known scientific national and international journals.

Since 2009 till Nov 2013 she worked as the Deputy Rector for Partnership, Research and Business Development at European University of Tirana. Currently, she is the Deputy Mayor at the Municipality of Tirana.